Interview with Maddalena Nocivelli President of DAB Sistemi Integrati

Innovation for Global Security, DAB’s new password

Mrs. Nocivelli, she has been running the DAB company for a year now. What are your impressions and considerations?

As often happens, the impression is that time has flown, a year has already passed! In fact, my commitment to DAB began in September 2018. I remember the first moment I showed up at the company. I remember the surprised, curious faces of the collaborators. This first year has certainly served as a path of knowledge, to analyze and deepen the internal dynamics and to establish the new challenging and sustainable goals of the Company.

Tell us about yourself, because an entrepreneur from the north has chosen to board a Southern and Security Company?

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My father, founder of the family business, taught me to work with passion, determination, to believe in one’s dreams and to listen to one’s instincts. Therefore, it was not difficult to choose to finance and pursue the DAB project, once the company core, the market numbers and growth potential were analyzed. Today I am in the position of President of DABsi, one of the first Italian security companies, founded in 1972. A historical company, a leader among system integrators, solid, made competitive by many people with high professionalism and ability to renew and innovative. I was immediately conquered by DABsi’s flagship product, GALASSIA Global PSIM Solution, a SW supervision platform for the management and control of Security, Safety and Technological Control systems and subsystems. I perceived the potential of the solution, so flexible and scalable. I believe it may be the keystone for a company quality leap towards new markets, in a perspective that extends the concept of Security beyond that of PHYSICAL SECURITY, thanks to digitization; in this field my previous work experiences and my personal training stimulated me.

What do you think of the security market?

The sector is strongly expanding. Analysts speak of a 9.4% growth between now and the next few years.  This positive trend represents the second reason why I chose to board the DAB Company.
The security market is in fact evolving and branching towards new issues. Companies invest in the protection of critical assets by adopting advanced systems, starting from access control to managing virtual concierge and people counting, BMS and BIM.
We are now in the digital age, there is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, IOT and cloud platforms. All this entails an increasing attention to the vulnerability of networks with the adoption of sophisticated cyber security systems. I am sure that the year 2020 will be a year of changes and great successes for the 360 ​​° security sector.

In conclusion?

In this new adventure I am not alone, I thought it essential to have a team of experts at my side to carry out such an engaging and important challenge. Flexibility, commitment, desire to get involved are the axes of the new DAB.  The goal is to overcome this challenge: to become a point of reference in the panorama of national and international security.

DAB’s new motto (the new password) is Innovation for Global Security:  the Company develops INNOVATIVE solutions through an INTEGRATED approach for GLOBAL SECURITY.