Military sites are infrastructures with extremely high security requirements, such as protection of infrastructures, protection of military personnel and arm and protection of private data.

Another aspect that makes the need for security more complex is the difficulty in protecting these infrastructures while significantly reducing the use of the guards to date.

DABsi’s model for military site security is an Advanced Integrated Security System, based on open technological platforms, which integrate the implemented systems, allowing communication with external processes, the analysis and correlation of the information collected, thus ensuring maximum return on investment in security.

The systems differ depending on the type of site, i.e. military airports, naval bases, barracks, ammunition depots, communication and management infrastructures and headquarters.


The integrated platform for military sites includes:

  • perimeter control
  • remote detection of possible external threats
  • building access control
  • video surveillance of external and internal areas
  • automation and access control
  • detection of potential cyber attacks
  • management of safety systems
  • supervision of technical and communication support infrastructures.

The heart of the control process is the security operations centre which analyses the data collected and coordinates targeted interventions in the event of critical issues, managing two-way interaction with the functional systems and subsystems deployed in the field, through the use of modern telecommunication networks.

The system software allows all the control procedures to be automated, thus maximising the level of security and optimising the use of operations staff.