The company’s Software Development and Integration Division is responsible for the analysis, design and development of software solutions geared towards the integration, communication and collaboration among physical devices in the field of Security. The department’s flagship product is the Galassia PSIM software platform, which is constantly being developed, improved and updated to keep the entire solution in step with the latest versions of existing devices and the launch of new technology on the market that every complex software system undergoes over time.

The Galassia platform, in particular, offers a “Physical Security Information Management” solution, which allows you to centralise the information and alarms generated by the various devices installed in the field and orchestrate their response to the events that occur. Galassia can also monitor video surveillance systems, access control, the creation of maps and an overview for a “visual and logical” image of the area in which the devices are installed. It can also manage alarms and any procedures that the operations room staff must follow in the event of an emergency, as well as PA, intrusion detection and fire prevention systems, etc. by connecting them to one another, thus allowing correct collaboration and maximising their effectiveness and efficiency.

The development of new features and the integration and reinforcement of existing features on the platform are guided both by market demands and the development of new targeted methods, constantly taking into account all the precautions and physiological differences that the various environments present.

The department also handles the development of custom solutions for specific needs, which may or may not be based on the Galassia system, such as the development of virtual doorman and electronic visitor management systems.

The R&D LAB is where physical devices are installed, configured and tested, so we are fully prepared to tackle the process of integrating and communicating with the Galassia platform.



The surveillance and integrated management platform of DABsi’s complex physical security systems for global and advanced control

PSIM Galassia


Through web access and without installation, it provides the main functions of Galassia, for quick and easy control

Galassia Web


The unique solution for the integrated management of all security-related problems of a city and its transport network

Smart & Safe City


An integrated SOS system with a video surveillance station connected to an operations centre to increase security in cities

SOS Cometa