Today with IoT, the city is viewed as an ecosystem where there is a strong integration and correlation between the network, objects and places.

The sustainability of new urban models ranges from the integration of new technology to the implementation of new security systems.  This means Smart & Safe Cities where technology is used to improve the lives of city dwellers and create eco-sustainable and safer urban areas.

The project is a unique solution for integrated management related to the individual security systems installed in towns and cities, interconnected with one another:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • License plate recognition systems
  • AVL (automatic vehicle location)
  • VMS (variable message signs)
  • Air quality control devices and environment monitoring
  • Municipal waste collection management systems
  • Traffic control and parking management systems
  • SOS columns
  • Systems for collecting information on conditions and weather forecasts for the city
  • Smart lamp posts

The heart of the solution is the city control room consisting of a Supervision and Integrated Management Platform which interfaces with subsystems by correlating data and images.

The unified operations centre places all the data on a GIS (Geographic Information System) and integrates the management of all processes (incoming calls and events, incident classification, open/resolved interventions, patrol dispatch) and of all communications (telephone, radio, messages, emails).

The platform is flexible, modular and scalable, with a personalised and user-friendly interface that allows you to customise management based on the characteristics and requirements of the urban centre.

The implementation of the Smart & Safe City platform allows real-time management of all events that occur in the city and acts a prevention tool because it allows data from different systems to be cross-linked that are generally not connected, highlighting potential dangers and risks.

The platform is also a valid tool for managing emergencies, since, in the event of incidents (terrorist attacks, vandalism, unauthorised demonstrations, accidents, robberies), it is possible to correlate the data from the various databases and quickly provide contextualised information to obtain coherent and cross-linked information. All this is made possible thanks to Business Intelligence solutions.



The surveillance and integrated management platform of DABsi’s complex physical security systems for global and advanced control

PSIM Galassia


Through web access and without installation, it provides the main functions of Galassia, for quick and easy control

Galassia Web


An integrated SOS system with a video surveillance station connected to an operations centre to increase security in cities

SOS Cometa