Istituti penitenziari e tribunali

Correctional institutions and law courts are infrastructures which pose a variety of security problems, such as the evasion of detainees, protection of the guards, protection of the criminals, as well as all the other people who are present in the buildings in various capacities.

Another important aspect is the optimisation of the manned guarding required which currently represents a significant cost in the management of detention facilities.

DABsi’s model for correctional institution and law court security is an Advanced Integrated Security System, based on open technological platforms, which integrate the implemented systems, allowing communication with external processes, the analysis and correlation of the information collected, thus ensuring maximum return on investment in security.

Istituti penitenziari e tribunali

The integrated platform includes:

  • perimeter control (intrusion and evasion detection)
  • building access control (block house or control post)
  • video surveillance of external and internal areas (departments)
  • automation of security doors which section off various areas
  • management of PA systems
  • fire detection and extinguishing
  • management of interview rooms
  • cell phone blocking systems.

The heart of the control process is the security operations centre which analyses the data collected and coordinates targeted interventions in the event of critical events, managing two-way interaction with the functional systems and subsystems present in the field, through the use of modern telecommunication networks.

The system software allows all the control procedures to be automated, thus maximising the level of security and optimising the use of operations staff.