There are a whole host of corporate needs for security, safety and technological control. Providing effective and efficient security management means responding to critical issues such as theft, sabotage, break-ins, damage, contamination, industrial espionage and aggression, maximising the results in terms of real security whilst optimising costs.

Providing security management also means integrating security processes into corporate management, guaranteeing services which can transform security from cost to value for company competitiveness.

The model for industrial site security is part of an innovative philosophy known as Advanced Integrated Security, based on the ability to integrate information, from other company processes as well, and maximise the effectiveness of the systems that have been implemented.

DABsi offers fully automated solutions for the control and video surveillance of pedestrian accesses and vehicle entrances to factories, buildings, production areas, warehouses, communal areas, parking lots, loading/unloading bays and storage. It provides integration solutions between logical and physical access for the control of the company’s IT resources in order to increase the level of security.

The platform can also control access to technical rooms that are crucial for the company’s business and also allows the supervision and monitoring of technological control systems, by interfacing the SCADA systems present, such as the control of production machinery, air conditioning, electrical panels, generators, flooding and fire prevention systems.