The environment heritage is a natural communal asset which must be safeguarded against natural events and threats caused by human activity.

The DABsi model for environmental security is aimed at safeguarding natural heritage by implementing systems to monitor the state of environmental preservation which can detect risks and critical issues, whether deliberately inflicted, i.e. damage, acts of vandalism or natural, i.e. fire, landslides, floods and inundations.

It is possible to keep a close watch on break-ins at dams, catchment areas and reservoirs, as well as monitor weather conditions in natural reserves and national parks through access control and video surveillance with the help of cameras and other sensors.


The implementation of these systems prevents crimes by acting as a deterrent, whilst supporting emergency response activities in the event of critical events and providing information to support post-event investigations.

Integrating the security solution with SCADA systems also allows information flows to be controlled in real time, data to be acquired and processed and alarms to be automatically managed.

The systems are connected on a network of disparate communications through which they interface with the operations centre, the heart of the process, integrating information from the outside.

The analysis and correlation of data allows the control process to be streamlined, paving the way to an Advanced Integrated Security logic.