The main problems and risks associated with local public transport involve muggings, assault, violence, robbery and vandalism, which can occur both during the day and at night.

In addition to public vehicles, it is essential to oversee risk areas such as underground and bus stops, terminus and stations, with a special focus on outlying areas, such as ‘park and ride’ lots, access routes and adjacent areas, often without surveillance systems. To manage these problems, DABsi proposes the model for local public transport security.

The implemented systems operate with latest generation technology, for example integrated AVL systems for location finders and video surveillance of public vehicles and remote surveillance systems to monitor places at risk or where high footfall is predicted, through a network of sensors and cameras.

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Interactive SOS alarm columns and call centre systems with caller location identification and video analysis allow you to report critical situations, preventing hazard conditions for the public.

In this security model, the operations centres are the heart of the control process and consist of an open, reliable, scalable and technological platform.

The platform also features modules which integrate and communicate with other systems, both internal and external. The ability to analyse and correlate this information allows an Advanced Integrated Security logic to be implemented, obtaining numerous results:

  • An increase in the public’s perception of safety and care taken by the institutions
  • Prevention of crime by acting as a deterrent
  • Support for investigative activities (Video Forensics)
  • Provide an economically sustainable implementation and operational management stage.