DABsi offers a model for urban security to Public Administrations which integrates fully with the modern concept of a Smart City.

By combining the use of communication networks and innovative Integrated Security Systems, it is possible to oversee places attended by women, children and the elderly, such as schools and parks, monitor neighbourhoods with a high crime rate or high-risk areas, as well as protect squares and all areas intended for large events (parking lots, fairs, stadiums) from vandalism, damage and violence.

The DABsi security solution integrates systems for:

  • High resolution video surveillance
  • Video analysis
  • Access control, capable of preventing or flagging potentially dangerous events, by implementing filtered and automated control procedures based on different variables, such as the time, type of events and risk factors.

Steered by smart urban furniture such as interactive SOS alarm columns, cabled benches and smart lamp posts, which allow you to request help, so interventions by law enforcement will be more effective and targeted whilst increasing the perception of security among city dwellers.

The operations centres, the heart of the control process, are able to monitor and analyse events and coordinate the patrols deployed. It is possible to implement an Advanced Integrated Security logic through an open, scalable and technological platform, featuring integration and communication modules with other systems.