Sicurezza Globale

The security market is undergoing a period of change due to technological innovation and the growing demand for integration.

One of the paradigms which has emerged in recent years is digitisation, destined to significantly change the approach to the security sector.

Digitisation entails many benefits because, on the one hand, it allows all the systems in the field to be interconnected and the entire architecture to be monitored, while on the other, it allows the essential data for managing the operations of large public and private structures to be analysed with a view to the sustainability, supervision and maintenance of the system.

DAB Sistemi Integrati is one of the first Italian companies to have made a name for itself in the security market from the 1970s onwards which leveraged its ability to evolve and renew by constantly investing in innovation.

Sicurezza Globale

An integrated approach is the signature feature of DAB Sistemi Integrati where the term integration means, not only the ability to correlate and enable different systems and subsystems to interconnect, but one that also calls for a cultural and conceptual synergy that expands the concept of physical security by brings together satellite worlds from different categories: Safety, Facility and IT.

DABsi offers the market global customer-oriented security where the customer’s request or requirement is analysed and managed with an integrated approach, linked not just to physical security, but also to cyber security and environmental security issues.

Cyber attacks are among the top five risks that are expected to have the greatest impact on the economy and businesses in the near future and are the most feared technological risk. Every single security system, which are now increasingly smart and interconnected, is extremely sensitive and exposed to the risk of a cyber attack.
Consequently, we develop solutions with an increasing focus on the vulnerability of networks with sophisticated cyber attack systems.

The integrated approach allows the distribution of a high-quality service at every stage: from architecture to project management, following best practices.

Integration occurs not only between systems but between departments and skills: manufacturers, distributors and installers form a joint production supply chain, ensuring constant synergy between the procedures.

Dab Sistemi Integrati constantly invests in the expertise of its designers and human resources who intervene when the systems are triggered by an alarm.

The Engineering and Design Division plays a fundamental role in this scenario. It is dedicated to the implementation, management and maintenance of innovative design solutions for security.

All our technological systems act as support systems for the decisions which must, however, be taken in combination with targeted actions from the personnel involved.

Our intervention is, therefore, continually aimed at creating a culture of safety, by contributing to the diffusion of basic skills for the industries or infrastructures of our customers.

We support a culture of specialised skills. We cannot rely on improvisation in our sector; specialised skills are fundamental.

We protect priceless assets:

  • first and foremost, human values and people;
  • material values and data, but also physical assets stored or used in industries;
  • cultural property, such as monuments, museums and entire cities.