strade e autostrade

Roads and motorways are infrastructures of immense economic and social importance, since they involve the movement of goods, vehicles and people.

Increasing their efficiency in terms of security means guaranteeing the safety of road users and reducing costs caused by delays or the inability to deliver goods and materials.

The main risks in this sector are break-ins and sabotage of technical rooms or booths, accidents between vehicles, fires in tunnels, thefts in vehicle depots and attacks in staging areas and car parks.

strade e autostrade

DABsi’s solution of an innovative model for road and motorway security is based on a scalable and open platform which uses modern communication networks to integrate a variety of systems for video surveillance, video analysis, intrusion detection, access control and fire detection, as well as safety with SOS alarm columns, weather stations, variable message signs and other instruments, for the integrated protection of sensitive areas and roads.

The platform also features modules which integrate and communicate with external systems, allowing this information to be analysed and correlated, thus obtaining additional information and implementing an Advanced Integrated Security logic.

For example, the license plate recognition systems and fixed cameras, used for vehicle control, are interfaced with the DMV or the centralised national system for license plates and traffic (Sistema Centralizzato Nazionale Targhe e Transiti – SCNTT), to cross-check with the database of reported or suspicious license plates.

The information is managed by the operations centre, the heart of the model, which coordinates the interventions of law enforcement.