The Cometa project stems from the need to effectively protect urban areas and provide greater security for the public, providing better monitoring of the district and preventing crime by acting as a deterrent.

The Cometa totem is an SOS alarm column combined with a video surveillance station and connected with an operations centre.

In the event of an emergency, the individual can press the button and make an audio-video call directly to the unit operator, thanks to the integrated speakerphone and camera to identify the caller.

The SOS alarm column allows optimal use of the infrastructures and has a plug and play set-up that activates it via a simple connection on a cell phone network (5G).

Fitted with a security system to prevent external tampering (burglary, perforation, fire), it notifies the operations centre in real time in the event of tampering and is also equipped with a siren and flashing light system which can be activated both automatically and remotely which acts as a deterrent.

Cometa is fitted with a Dome camera that allows 360° monitoring of the surrounding area, operating as a video surveillance position when there are no requests for intervention and providing support for the coordination of rescue operations in case of need. In addition, the event, that has been detected, can be tracked from the initial stages of activation to the end, via two-way audio-video recordings both in the control room and on the SOS alarm column, thus generating a report for use in subsequent analysis.

The system is modular, expandable, flexible and configurable depending on needs and installation locations.

Cometa is integrated into the PSIM Galassia platform and is an important part of the DAB Smart City solutions, for railways and LPT, for ports and road transport.

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The surveillance and integrated management platform of DABsi’s complex physical security systems for global and advanced control

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