The immense cultural property in Italy represents a heritage unlike any other in the world. Protecting and enhancing this heritage calls for a complete overhaul of the existing security models to ensure an adequate degree of protection and accessibility.

The protection of cultural heritage calls for the design and use of specific technology, given that both the conditions of use and the types of risks are varied.

Museums, squares, monuments and archaeological sites must be protected from numerous threats:

  • theft and break-ins
  • unauthorised entry
  • vandalism
  • deterioration
  • damage and fire

At the same time, these sites must guarantee the safety of visitors and staff.

DABsi presents an Advanced Integrated Security solution that providing access control, intrusion detection, theft prevention, video surveillance and video image analysis systems plus fire detection to increase the level of security in defence of works of art and archaeological artefacts.

It is possible to combine Security & Safety systems with environmental control systems through the use of an open and scalable technological platform. Wireless sensors make it possible to detect the temperature, humidity and brightness level for specific works of art and museum rooms.

An operations centre oversees the systems remotely and promptly manages events and alarms, coordinating interventions with law enforcement and modifying the operational security procedures in real time.