The protection and management of the offices and buildings of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), companies and related areas, such as parking lots and warehouses, is a constantly evolving problem.

The most common risks are theft, break-ins, aggression and industrial espionage; all crimes which could compromise business continuity management.

DABsi has designed a model for company premises security that integrates all the different aspects of security into a single Building & Security Automation system, in a functional, flexible and cost-sustainable manner.

The model for security and technological control is an Advanced Integrated Security System, based on platforms that allow communication with the outside world and the analysis and correlation of the information collected.

The data are recorded in the operations centre, the heart of the control process, which remotely monitors the perimeters of company sites, pedestrian accesses and vehicle entrances, communal areas, parking lots, loading/unloading bays and storage.

It also detects critical events through video surveillance of access to sensitive areas, logical access to the company’s IT resources and the production and storage areas for goods and products.

The integration with air conditioning, flooding and fire prevention systems, electrical panels and generators allows the optimisation of the overall costs of Security & Safety.

The maintenance and technical support service provided by the highly qualified, skilled and professional technical staff is an added value to the security solution put in place.