distribuzione gas

The security of gas systems, distribution and transport networks presents significant problems related to the inherent risk of gas and its high value perceived by the community because it is part of a public service.

These infrastructures, which are usually located outside populated areas or in places with a small number of inhabitants, are more vulnerable to tampering, break-ins and damage.

distribuzione gas

The DABsi model for GAS distribution security involves the use of specialist projects, technology and skills with the basic objective of ensuring business continuity and maintaining availability and operational resilience in the running infrastructures, based on a new philosophy linked to Advanced Integrated Security logic.

The solution consists of an open, reliable and scalable technological platform that integrates access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems with video image analysis systems in order to increase the level of security to protect facilities, distribution and transport networks, interconnection hubs with the national grid, and gas regulation, measurement and odorization points (REMI groups).

DABsi solutions, integrated with SCADA telemetry systems, allow you to automate and monitor access to authorised personnel only at all facilities and main network equipment, both during periodic and scheduled inspections.

Centralisation, automation and remote control also make it possible to minimise the costs of physical site surveillance, losses due to the lack of production caused by facility shut-downs and, in general, to reduce the total safety management costs.