Project Description

Acea in the time of the Covid

09 March 2020, Emergency COVID-19: Italy stops!

The government asks all citizens for sacrifices, it requires them to stay at home trusting that #tuttoandràbene.

Among the industrial realities that have continued, however, to ensure the provision of their services, defined as primary for the community, it is important to recognize the ability to implement in record time the safety measures by ACEA SpA, the first Italian operator in the integrated water service (water, electricity, lighting and gas).

It was necessary to act promptly and in fact, the multi-services ACEA immediately implemented the shared protocol of regulation of measures for the contrast and containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace. All this to ensure a continuity of service for citizens and employees.

It also enhanced existing Security systems to ensure tip control at the entrances of buildings and “sensitive points”.

Acea, always attentive to technological innovation and the implementation of state-of-the-art solutions, has created a video-analysis system for the control and measurement of body temperature at the access control of the main headquarters of the group, ensuring the fundamental requirements, expressly required by the Company Protection, of fluidity and confidentiality that make such systems non-intrusive and guarantee of privacy.

DAB Sistemi Integrati, Acea’s system integrator partner, has installed 37 body temperature kits at ACEA offices.

The kit includes a camera with embedded video analytics, a  control and management unit (workstation) and a monitor.

The implemented Bi-Spectrum cameras, are able to simultaneously provide a normal image and a thermal of the shooting scene. The Blackbody is instead a tool that, inserted in the shooting field, provides a constant and precise temperature reference, which the camera exploits to self calibrate and increase the accuracy of the measurement. The monitor is equipped with a speaker to alert you to any inputs of people with a temperature greater than 37.5 degrees.

In addition, the outlying offices of Acea have been provided for external structures that allow a separate and protected path of the entrances, to contain the spread of the epidemic from COVID-19: these are containers for triage and represent a unique technical innovation at the national level.

The Head of Corporate Protection of Acea stated that the choice of this system came not only from the efficiency that distinguishes it compared to other solutions, but also from the versatility that characterizes it. This system is an example of sustainable investment in a systemic assessment of its use; at the end of the Covid emergency, the technologies adopted through video-analysis algorithms on board the cameras, will be used to strengthen and make even more secure the security systems already present to protect and protect the “sensitive sites” of all companies in the ACEA group.

Acea, is an example of Excellence in Italy. article