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Development, safety and quality of life in industrialized countries increasingly depend on continuous and coordinated functioning,
of a set of infrastructures which, due to their importance, are defined as Critical Infrastructures (IC).

The term critical infrastructure means a system, a resource, a process, a whole, whose destruction, interruption, even partial or temporary unavailability has the effect of significantly weakening the efficiency of an entire country and inhibiting its normal functioning, the economic, financial and social system.

An application case. The Advanced Control Room for Roman Multiservices

Acea SpA, the leading Italian operator in the integrated water service (water, electricity, lighting and gas), has embarked on an important path of technological migration, innovation and revamping of its Security systems over the last few years.
The Company has created one of the first Evolved Operating Rooms with the aim of ensuring service continuity and ensuring operational availability and resilience in the operation of the infrastructure.

Through the PSIM supervision software platform, the central operator can monitor, activate and coordinate intervention plans
quick and targeted, maximizing the effectiveness of the result and minimizing management costs. To date, approximately 200 Acea sites have been centralized throughout the national territory. Each security system and subsystem is managed and monitored by the Control Room.

In particular, we refer to the control and management of video surveillance, anti-intrusion, access control and smoke detection systems of:
• Offices;
• Power plants;
• Electrical Transformation Cabins;
• Stores;
• Water sources;
• Water Centers;
• Purifiers.
The operators of the Security Operations Center are supervised by over 1,200 cameras and 13,000 sensors (fire / anti-intrusion) installed in the field. The PSIM platform, as mentioned, provides the basic tools to support decisions and actions to be taken, according to predefined escalation rules (procedures).
This security solution has made it possible to create a system that is not only efficient, but above all effective and capable of evolving with the needs of the company.

Written by: Gabriele Ferretti Offer Engineering Manager and Maria Elena Mancini Marketing and Communication Area of ​​DAB Sistemi Integrati Srl

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