As part of the 19th Week of Business Culture, DAB Sistemi Integrati organized the digital event ‘Digitization as a key to understanding Business Culture’, held on Thursday 19th from 11.00.

The Security Market is experiencing a phase of change due to technological innovation and the growing demand for integration.
One of the emerging paradigms in recent years, and destined to significantly change the approach towards the Security sector, is digitization.

Digitization brings many advantages because, on the one hand it allows the connection between all the systems in the field, a monitoring of the whole architecture, on the other it allows an analysis of the fundamental data for a functional management of large public and private structures, point of view of sustainability and supervision and maintenance of the plant itself.

Digitization as a key to the business culture
The digital event organized as part of the 19th Business Culture Week

The event was moderated by Dr. Maddalena Nocivelli President of DABsi introducing “In this crisis, digitization has been a word that has had to be transformed into reality, solutions, interventions and ways in which companies perceive themselves, evolve and talk about themselves . ”

Among the interventions also dr. Diego Lazzari Security Manager of Acea, Eng. S. Maurizio Grasso DC of DABsi ”We have lived through difficult days and certainly others we will have to face. These months, as well as on our soul, will also leave an indelible mark on the history of society and the economy: the world of “after Covid” will still be different, as will society. As operators in the world of Security we can ask ourselves what we can learn from this experience: courage to innovate, digital transformation, the value of resilience ”, Paolo Ricci DG of DABsi. “Italy is a country that has also shown in the past that it is capable of getting up and facing difficulties head-on with the help of everyone. We are a strong country rich in values. COVID-19 is undoubtedly an epidemic that is putting us to the test, but we will come out stronger than before “.

In the greeting, Dr. Vittoria Carli President of the Information Technology Section of Unindustria ‘The culture of security must be part of our future activity, in the constant enhancement of the Italian supply chain of security and Cybersecurity solutions, and above all in the constant commitment to the creation of a cohesive digital ecosystem of Lazio. ”

DAB Sistemi Integrati is one of the first Italian companies that since the 1970s has established itself on the security market and has seen its strength in the ability to evolve and renew itself by constantly investing in innovation, making it become a heritage and part of its culture.

Today it is important to recognize that another theme is emerging, connected to the situation we have been experiencing for many months, that of Digitization, which becomes a new interpretation that allows us to better understand the company, manage it, transform it and communicate it, helping to create Business culture.