Project Description

Video surveillance & Security for Start Romagna

The story of DABsi continues and the realization of the video surveillance and communication system on board urban and extra urban buses  for the Emilia Romagna region.
This time we take care of the supply of security systems for START ROMAGNA, the public transport company in the Romagna area.

With the contribution of the Por Fesr funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region and of the European Union, for a total value of 603,000 euros (50% Start 50% Region), the company START has equipped with n. 239 buses (new and refurbished) of a closed circuit video surveillance system capable of monitoring what happens on board and outside the vehicles in the event of a claim.
Of these 239 buses number 4 are part of the Metromare section: the new public transport system that connects Rimini to Riccione. It is a more sustainable mobility system. Quick, reliable, ecological, safe, technological and silent, to connect places, people and ideas. To connect the Riviera to the world. (Source
The architecture created for START ROMAGNA saw the installation of n. 3/5 digital video surveillance cameras on board the bus (depending on the model of the vehicle), 1 emergency button for the driver, no. 1 nDVR, a video recorder for recording and recovering images in the event of accidents, sudden braking and vandalism (the use of video surveillance systems is governed by specific agreements already signed by Start Romagna with the prefectures of reference).
Operators of the Operations Center can access the images recorded through a router with a 4G communication network and, if a significant event is reported, they intervene more promptly and effectively. In addition, the video surveillance cameras record the vehicle’s GPS coordinates and its speed, thus allowing a more precise reconstruction of the episodes filmed and providing precious details to the law enforcement officers if this becomes necessary.
The architecture provides an image management software, in accordance with the provisions of the current privacy rules (GDPR).
A variant of the project is in progress, other 27 buses will be equipped with a video surveillance system and, moreover, for about 10 of these also included a passenger counting system, with the aim of improving the passage of fleets and monitoring the flow of transients.
The system will make it possible to associate the reading data with the stop of the line traveled, being able to obtain statistical reports or aggregated data. All this for a correct programming of the company and for an efficient service for citizens.