Project Description

Seta SpA in Security

DAB Sistemi Integrati presents the solutions implemented for SETA S.p.A., the  operator of the local public car transport service in the provincial territories of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza.

With a total investment of 1.1 million euro co-financed at 50% by the Region, the company has equipped approximately 360 buses (equal to 45% of the fleet) of a closed-circuit video surveillance system capable of monitoring what happens on board the vehicles of SETA SpA, the  operator of the local public car transport service in the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza .

In particular, 3/5 digital video surveillance cameras have been installed on the bus (depending on the model of the vehicle), 1 front camera for road control (crashcam), an activation button in case of emergency controlled directly by the driver and 1 nDVR, a video recorder for recording and recovering images in the event of accidents, sudden braking and vandalism.

The operators of the Seta Operations Center can access and review the images in real time through a router with a 4G communication network and, if a significant event is reported, they intervene more quickly and effectively. In addition, the video surveillance cameras record the vehicle’s GPS coordinates and its speed, thus allowing a more precise reconstruction of the episodes filmed and providing valuable details to the police if this becomes necessary. Thanks to the internal and external movement sensors in the Operations Center, it is also possible to monitor cases of “awakening” of the DVR due to intrusion and / or theft of diesel fuel.

The architecture provides an image management software, in accordance with the provisions of the current privacy laws (GDPR). For targeted control of the passengers getting on and off, SETA requested the installation of 1 outdoor camera, placed sideways and installed on the right mirror of the buses equipped as part of this project (Side Cam). Proximity sensors have been installed for vehicles that are located in the external car parks in the evening, therefore at risk of intrusion and vandalism. Special note, even when the bus is off, image recording is possible and, in the event of an event, sending the report to the operations center.

Finally, with the aim of improving the passage of fleets and monitoring the flow of travelers, the company has implemented a 35 passenger counting system on the buses, natively integrated into the video surveillance system. The system, suitably interfaced with the company AVM system, allows you to associate the reading data with the stop of the line traveled, being able to obtain statistical reports or aggregated data. All this for a correct programming of the company and for an efficient service for citizens. Thefts and attempted robberies have been foiled thanks to security cameras, such as the case of the 30-year-old surprised by company staff to rob the machine on board a bus in the SETA S.p.A. depot. and then arrested (Source: Modena Today).