Project Description

Let’s start again in Security

DAB Sistemi Integrati Srl has realized a significant solution, which sees a primary Banking Group as the protagonist: BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas.

Every day we talk about Security: data security, road security, food safety, Security ..

This year, all of a sudden, our country faced, like the rest of the world, the issue of the safety of the human organism and its health, attacked by an unknown virus.

To contain it and fight it we had to stop, and we experienced a period of lockdown that put the whole of Italy to the test: almost all activities were blocked, travel was reduced to a minimum. In order to continue with operations, it was necessary to act in record time, implementing the shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid -19 virus in the workplace.

All this to guarantee the continuity of the service to citizens and employees and to “restart in Security”. BNL Gruppo BNP PARIBAS has proven to be – once again – an Italian Excellence, thanks to the sensitivity and importance to technological innovation and advanced security systems.

BNL Gruppo BNP PARIBAS, in particular, provided for the implementation of a body temperature monitoring system at the “Orizzonte Europa” building in Rome and at the “Torre Diamante” Milan office.

DAB Sistemi Integrati supplied 26 body temperature measuring devices (17 in Rome and 9 in Milan). These are handhelds installed at the access points of the offices. The devices are able to perform a facial recognition and detect body temperature.

In a completely automated way, the device allows access to the employee / visitor only if it meets the pre-configured specifications (temperature not higher than 37.5 °). Based on infrared thermal imaging technology and deep learning algorithms, the device, with high performance and reliability, has a fast recognition speed and great accuracy even with the use of masks on the face.

In detail, it works as follows: the thermo scanner is interfaced directly with the badge reader at the entrance of each turnstile. When the device detects the temperature below 37.5 °, a green LED lights up for about 5 sec. and automatically enables the reader for access. Also, when the preset temperature is exceeded, a red warning message will appear on the display and the reader will not be enabled, thus blocking access to the offices. One of the 17 devices of Palazzo Orizzonte Europa was installed at the reception on a special stand, to detect the body temperature of visitors even before the badge was issued. The security solution created saw the involvement of three fundamental elements: Physical Security Systems, Innovative Technologies and Human Resources. Their interaction, within the framework of a clear and transparent governance, has made it possible to create a system that is not only efficient but above all effective and capable of evolving with the needs of the Company. Fully integrated with the existing access control system and connected to the Galassia supervision and control platform.