Project Description

Elmas – Cagliari Airport

It has been realized a perimeter intrusion detection system integrated with a IP video surveillance system. DABsi together with DEA Security guarantee the security of all airport passengers.

The latest international events renew the need for security measures in all critical infrastructures as airports.

DABsi together with DEA Security has been realized a perimeter intrusion detection system integrated with a IP video surveillance system.

The solution provides the implementation of the perimeter protection system around 4500 m of fence that delimit the airport with the use of a perimeter intrusion detection system integrated with a high resolution IP video surveillance system. In particular, the perimeter intrusion detection system adopted is the SERIR of DEA Security, the Italian world leader in perimeter intrusion detection systems.

The SERIR system consists of special piezodynamic sensors that promptly detect any attempt to cut, climb and break through the structure (rolled wire mesh) and processing cards with analyzes that guarantee a high tolerance to adverse climatic events (wind, rain, hail, snow and sudden changes in temperature) or sources of disturbance.

The integration of the intrusion detection system with the video surveillance system, designed and implemented according to a “tracking” logic, offers the possibility of remote control and discrimination between a real or false positive alarm.

The entire solution rests on a dedicated physical fiber optic network, designed and optimized to have a fluid and performing data / video transmission.

The Model created at Cagliari Airport by DAB Sistemi Integrati Srl, together with DEA ​​Security, is based on the importance of integrating individual technologies with the aim of guaranteeing high security standards, efficiency and efficacy in processes and procedures safeguarding past investments and optimizing total costs. The heart of the Model is an Operations Center capable of monitoring and coordinating rapid and targeted intervention plans, maximizing the effectiveness of the result and minimizing management costs.

Through a constant and productive collaboration with the RUP Mr. Mario Orrù, the Manager Ing. Massimo Rodriguez, and the Security Manager Dr. Salvatore Carboni, the plant under construction will put Sogaer SpA at the forefront in Italia in the protection of airport sites and may represent a model for other future projects.